What We Do

University Jewish Chaplains

work with Jewish students around the UK to enhance the Jewish student experience.

We aim to create a warm, inclusive environment in which Jewish students of every background can live happy inspired Jewish lives.

From offering a listening ear to running inspiring and engaging educational sessions; from being there in times of crisis to creating the familiar experience of Shabbat meals, our chaplains are uniquely poised to assist students when and where they need it most.

Protect & represent students

Our chaplains help to protect the religious rights and freedoms of Jewish students on campus. They are officially recognised members of staff at the universities they serve. That means they have access to all areas of campus, reaching students where they are. Just as importantly, when there is an issue, they are in a unique position to help. They are often called upon to help when an exam or class conflicts with Shabbat or a Jewish holiday.

We offer:

  • To represent student interests to the university
  • To attend regular meetings with university officials
  • To create coalitions with interfaith colleagues
  • To sort out anti-Semitic abuse on campus

Pastoral care

Chaplains are often the first call for students who have been bereaved, or who are grappling with other challenging situations, including stress, drugs, or loneliness. Students know that they will be greeted with a warm smile or shoulder to cry on, along with practical advice when needed.

We offer:

  • One-to-one, confidential meetings with students
  • Support with emotional, family or mental health concerns
  • Help during a crisis
  • A safe place to explore questions of faith
  • Chicken soup and meal drops for ill students

Empowering students

University is often the first time that students need to think about how they want to lead their Jewish lives. Our chaplains are on hand not only to give them practical guidance but to give them the tools to live a strong Jewish life both in university and long after they finish. Our aim is for students to leave university feeling confident in their Judaism.

We have a close relationship with the university JSocs and work with them to ensure that the infrastructure to support Jewish students is in place, year after year, in the ever-changing university environment. When they need a helping hand, either with one-off events or in long-term strategy, chaplains provide guidance and support.

We offer:

  • Support and guidance for JSoc committees
  • Management of lunch and learn sessions with presentations given by students
  • Educational classes with a wide range of Jewish and cultural themes
  • DIY Shabbat packs

Home away from home

Our chaplains’ and chaplaincy couples’ homes are often a hive of activity as students gather for a shiur, a quiet chat or to prepare for an upcoming Yom Tov or Shabbat. Chaplains frequently host students for a meal on Shabbat or give them a place to relax when they need a little extra love and care.

We offer:

  • Shabbat and Yom Tov meals
  • Midweek hospitality

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