End of term report

Autumn term 2023

Campus Report

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There is no doubt that this term has been overshadowed by our collective grief and deep concern for the war in Israel, the suffering and the hostages, and indeed the appalling uptick in antisemitism in the UK much of which has been felt and experienced on campus.

Our dedicated team of 17 residential Jewish Chaplains have been allocating their full time and resources to offer guidance, comfort, and a sense of belonging to Jewish students affected by this crisis. Their steadfast dedication to countering antisemitism and advocating for students has been more crucial than ever, as these figures represent:

Birmingham & West Midlands

In Birmingham, Rabbi Fishel reflects on an improved relationship with universities, allowing him a stronger position to advocate as the Jewish Chaplain in supporting students. Events run by both Fishel himself and student-led Jsoc events, particularly Friday night Dinner, have seen commendable attendance. A noteworthy moment was the gathering of 150 students in Birmingham for prayers for Israel.

Bristol & western

Chaplain Rabbi Michael has helped support students through events which empower them to grow and explore their Jewish identity. Providing opportunities for students to engage in new Jewish experiences while preserving their welfare has been the focus of the term.

Brighton & South Coast

Newly appointed Chaplains, Rabbi Matt & Sheerelle, kick-started the year with various events including a Chanukah escape room to engage with and let students know they are on hand to support. Using the time to get to know the Jewish students and the area which bodes well for the rest of the year.

Cambridge & East Anglia

In Cambridge and East Anglia, the Jewish student community has experienced a vibrant term marked by diverse and interesting events. Rabbi Ben & Atira have been engaging with over 100 students at a time who participate in regular events. These events and community gatherings are collectively contributing to a dynamic and supportive Jewish community in the region.

Edinburgh & East Scotland

At the weekly events and Shabbat meals, Rabbi Eliran and Ayalah met hundreds of students across the region, with the highlight being a Friday Night Dinner with 200 students and hosting Lord John Mann. Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis joined students for a supportive visit in Edinburgh and St. Andrews, sharing words of strength and unity.

Glasgow & West Scotland

It was a busy semester for Rabbi Eliran & Ayalah. Right after the holidays, with most of the activity revolving around the war in Israel, students have been more engaged than ever in the Chaplains’ events. They held dozens of meetings with university presidents and staff, police, and students to ensure the safety of the students.

Leeds & Yorkshire

In Leeds, students have been brought together for gatherings throughout the term, including bringing together 200 students in a collective expression of prayer and song for Israel with the Deutsch family. The event served as a poignant moment of solidarity, highlighting the community’s unwavering support for Israel and reinforcing the bonds among students during challenging times.

Liverpool & North West

In Liverpool, Rabbi Natan continued his events, underscoring the vibrant and caring community in Liverpool, where both service-oriented initiatives and celebratory gatherings contribute to a sense of unity and shared purpose among students with a weekly hot cooked meal served at Hillel house.


In London, Rav Gav has been tirelessly engaged across all campuses, meeting with senior university officials to provide optimal support for students and ensure that universities are doing their best to support Jewish students. The term’s conclusion in London was marked by significant milestones, with Rav Gav playing a pivotal role in supporting the establishment of the first Jsoc at The Royal College of Art.


In Manchester, Rabbi Ephraim helped form the first ever Jsoc at the University of Central Lancashire. A memorable ‘Evening of Inspiration’ was attended by the presence of Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis, who provided valuable insights and inspiration to students hailing from Manchester, Salford, and University of Central Lancaster. This gathering served as a meaningful and impactful way to conclude the term.

North East

Rabbi Aaron and Miriam Lipsey have hosted hundreds of students for Friday night dinners this term, as well as arranging a Lunch and Learn, a Chanukah party and collaborative events between the Jsoc and the Students’ Union in Newcastle.

Nottingham & East Midlands

Nottingham has seen a palpable sense of increased connection and involvement among the student body with a higher event attendance. The collaboration between Jsoc and Chaplains has proven to be fruitful, fostering a harmonious working relationship. Students have taken part in an ‘escape the sukkah’ event, mezuzah and sushi making and candle making in time for Chanukah. The students have appreciated these wellbeing events especially when campus spaces feel more challenging at the moment.  


Jewish students in Oxford have felt the impact and aftermath of October 7th on campus. There has been both a surge in antisemitism as well as a rise in student engagement with the Jewish student community. Chaplains Rabbi Michael and Tracey facilitated welfare discussion circles to address the complex issues students’ encounter as well hosting a number of exceptional guest speakers on campus, providing students with inspiration and support.

As we complete this term, we remain dedicated to providing vital support to Jewish students across university campuses. The challenges continue, but the resilience of our community and the unwavering support from individuals like you continue to make a meaningful impact.

Thank you for being an integral part of our dedicated community. Your support and solidarity make a world of difference to us and to the students we serve.