Prospective Students


There are

around 130 universities in the UK

Choosing the right place for you can be time-consuming process.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we believe that it helps to consider a wide-range of factors.

We’ve put together a list of considerations below. It’s by no means exhaustive and meant to help you figure out your preferences, narrow down your options and select the university that fits your needs best.

Is this a university or course that will fit your style of learning, so you can succeed?

What type of Jewish life are you looking for on campus?

Is there a chaplain in your region that you can turn to with questions or personal challenges?

Are there synagogues or Jewish cultural offerings available?

Is there student accommodation where you feel comfortable?

Are there community leadership opportunities?

Are there regular Jewish communal events for you to attend?

Is there a regional chaplain to help in a time of crisis?

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